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Tar Sands Mining

April 12, 2011

So you think coal mining is the dirtiest way to get energy? Think again. Tar sand mining makes coal mining look like earth day. It is the dirtiest, most toxic, and most environmentally disruptive means of producing energy. In the world. Tar sands mining has been happening in Alberta, Canada for a few decades now and it has transformed the beautiful boreal forest into a wasteland. Sadly, we are all responsible for this. In fact, Canada tar sands are one of the largest sources of oil for the US, so we have all been essentially funding these operations with our energy usage. It turns out that tar extraction is now coming to the US. A Canadian company has acquired all the necessary permits to begin operating in Utah.

While the best way to stop all this is to invest in clean energy (and decrease our demand for oil), it is not happening fast enough and Utah’s environment will be irreversibly changed if extraction starts. According to GOOD, Peaceful Uprising has pledged to stop this mine. Follow them to see how you can help. We’ll also keep you posted on other ways to help out.

via GOOD


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