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Greening the Royal Wedding

April 28, 2011

We think it’s a little ridiculous just how much attention the royal wedding is getting. I mean obviously it’s more important than everything going on with Libya, tornado destruction across southern states, our economic recovery, and a few other minor issues… Anyhow, we have to say we’re impressed with the efforts being made to reduce the event’s environmental impact.

“Besides carbon offsets, Clarence House officials have said all documents will be printed on recycled paper and FSC-certified wood is being used in the building of the media stands. Where possible, renewable energy will also be utilized. “[Sustainability] is considered by both Clarence House and Buckingham Palace in terms of everything it does, so you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the food and flowers will be seasonal and sustainably sourced.”

An article describing the green efforts on Mother Nature Network responds, “of course, you can make the royal wedding as green as you like, but the influx of visitors to London is likely to cancel out any environmental goodwill. Last week, the city officially surpassed the annual EU limits for air pollution — a violation that carries a $300 million fine.”

We still applaud that the planners have been conscious of the environment throughout the process–every effort counts.

Going to wake up at 4 am to tune in? Not us…


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