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We may be a little late to the party here (this album was released in 2010) but this came up on Pandora and all of a sudden our feet just started stomping along.

Two Door Cinema Club | Something Good Can Work

February 27, 2012

5 people, 1 guitar

Somebody That I Used To Know (cover) | Walk Off The Earth

February 24, 2012

We haven’t been able to stop listening to this song since we discovered it in the skiing movie “Being There” (which by the way is really good). Generationals is a two man band based in New Orleans.

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Generationals | Ten-Twenty-Ten

February 17, 2012

String Around My Finger- The Well Pennies from The Well Pennies on Vimeo.

Check out The Well Pennies, an LA-based band who’s music you’ll soon have on repeat. Each of their songs has so many layers, you’ll discover something new with each listen. Lucky for you, they just released their new EP, which you can get your hands on here.

The Well Pennies | String Around My Finger

January 12, 2012

Just discovered The Mahogany Sessions. Check out their video of Wolf Gang!

Wolf Gang | The King and All of His Men

January 11, 2012

Obsessed with this Icelandic band. We definitely have a soft spot for acordions and trumpets.

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Of Monsters and Men | Little Talks

December 30, 2011

Loving this song.

Local Natives | World News

December 27, 2011

We were surprised to find out that Tycho is also a fairly well-known graphic designer. Known in the design world as the mind behind IS050, it actually turns out I own a shirt designed by him. Pretty cool coincidence if you ask me. Anyway, this relaxing electronic track proves he has musical skills to match his design ones.

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Tycho | Daydream

December 21, 2011

Just discovered this not-so-new song.

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Marching Band | For Your Love

December 6, 2011

Our newest musical obsession.

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Noah and the Whale | Rocks and Daggers

December 5, 2011